There are numerous places you can get information on the web to find out about your favorite sports info. However, certain sites have more to offer in terms of live gamecasts, columnist authority, and special sections to find out the most updated news columns on sports happenings. Here’s a quick list of the top 5 sport sites that you can get up to date news on.

  1. Yahoo Sports

One of the most popular sites for acquiring news updates is Yahoo Sports. While the site design has remained the same over the years, they do offer good, reliable statistics that are updated as they happen. You can quickly find solid info and columnists reporting here.

  1. Fox Sports

While this site wasn’t that great a few years ago, now Fox Sports has really updated their design and are getting up in the game in terms of sports broadcasting. They have live gamecasts predicted at the top of the page, which show you exactly what’s happening on the field in real time. For current basketball games, for example, you can see the score, who’s gotten a recent free throw, which team controls the ball, etc. This is definitely a great and innovative site that is one to watch in coming years.

  1. CBS Sports

The specialized SportsLine site offered through CBS is fantastic. This site has the most up to date sports news that you’ll find. Additionally, their gamecasts are accurate, effective, and interesting to watch. You can read comments as articles are published about various NFL, NBA, and MLB games in real time.

  1. Sports Illustrated

With a preponderance of editorials, this site is definitely one of the best for good content and sports writing. The Monday Morning QB column is a great read that will give you up to date rumors and content on NFL happenings, as well as a specific Truth vs. Rumors section for MLB, NFL, NHL, MLB, and college basketball and football. This will compile happenings from newspapers all over the country, giving you up to date info that is taken straight from local sources — so you know it’s accurate.

  1. ESPN

One of the best sites out there for finding out live sports news is ESPN. There are great sportscasters here including Barry Melrose and John Clayton, who put out great sports articles on a repeated basis. However, if you want to read their Insider stories, you will have to pay for them. That is the only downside of this site, which ultimately is one of the best out there.

In the end, finding the top 5 sport sites is really a matter of personal preference. Based on which sports you follow, you’ll want to keep an eye on videos, top 10 rankings, and rumors/gossip about various players to make sure you’re as up to date as you can be on tennis, soccer, football, basketball, and baseball in the major leagues. Try out a few different sites until you’ve found one that suits your needs in terms of columnists, information accuracy, and up to date sportscasts round the clock.